The Wrongside of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the earliest ways of promotion known to the internet-mankind. It is fool-proof, convenient, quick and has far-reaching consequences. Though one of the traditional methods of marketing, email is more often than not misused, or not used to its optimal advantage. Marketeers seldom realise the reactions their actions would invoke if the code of conduct of emailing clients is breached.

Firstly, don’t send out emails without permission. The best practice is to mail the client only after cold calling and establishing an identity. Make sure you offer the option to unsubscribe as they wish. No one wants information overload. No one wants their customers to start marking their mail as spam. Select a specific audience and only then send out mail. There is no use in communicating your services to all members of the society. Unnecessary information will be spammed, and the more frequently this happens, more are the chances that your mail will directly go into spam. There is a good chance your company will be blacklisted if this continues.

Many other competing enterprises would be doing the same thing- you do not want your customers to be confused and harried. Specify, and then let them decide if they would like to enlist your services. The reader’s eye is automatically drawn towards the subject box. Make sure it holds just enough information to coax your clients. The subject should offer a clear, brief idea of what to expect. Do not use abbreviations or too many uppercase letters.

Studies show that it is the first 30 seconds that decide if your mail is a success or not. So ensure that you do not crowd the mail too much. Use content that pertains to your topic of discussion. Make proper, systematic use of images, but then again, remember- moderation is the key. Do not make false claims. It may have adverse effects on your campaign. Stick to the reality. Address what you can really offer and then lead with that.

Don’t harass your customers. Allow them thinking space. Keep your mail well-timed so as not to seem too frequent, too desperate. A common mistake most young entrepreneurs make is mailing clients from a personal id. You need to be one with your company, and make it appear a joint effort. Using a personal id sends out a fragmented signal; keep the unity of your business intact. Also, a username like ‘sam_rockstar18’ for example, certainly raises questions on professionalism of the individual and makes the company look bad.

Time your interaction. Keep in mind that e-mailing clients at 2 in the morning isn’t a good option. Adhere to the working hours set by the company. Not only does this show punctuality on your part, but also signifies a respect for your clients privacy. Another important aspect to feature in is that the email sent out by you is mobile and tab friendly. If most users find email inaccessible, it will hamper the precious image you have built among your clientele. You have to be available at all corners of the technical world, if not the geographical one. Think like a customer; be on the receiving end of the email. How would you like the perfect example of an email to be? Do this, and watch your clientele grow exponentially.