Online Contests: Bonding and Boosting Business Together

A hundred years ago, a person peeking into the future would have been shocked into silence. The 20th century man would find himself face to face with surplus technological inventions and discoveries. There are so many things the marvel of science has achieved. One of these all-important splendours is the internet. Connectivity and networking have redefined all limits of knowledge and set man’s mind out to explore.There is no saying to what man has achieved with the help of this worldwide connectivity.

Bill Gates very aptly pronounced that if a business was not on the internet, then that business would be out of business. Setting up startups via this network is a trending issue these days. Not only is the process cost-effective and time saving, it is also more readily accessible and user-friendly. Vendors are able to keep in touch with their clientele and potential customers, and vice versa. All in all, internet has become an indispensable part of the daily regime.

But the internet works because a lot of people do things together. And now it has come up with another way to bridge the gap between the two poles that hold a business together- the client and the vendor. Enterprises have switched to online promotions rather than losing valuable time in mechanical processes. You might think that this would have limited the customer’s contact with the service provider, but that’s where you are wrong; the smart web has thought of a solution to that as well.

Online contests, games and live events are rapidly gaining a foothold in the vast domain of social media. Companies come up with various notable events that draw in the audience and offer direct communication with each other. Some of the common, easy-to-conduct examples are discussed below.

The first among these is a recipe contest. Participants are to upload ancient family recipes. The one with most likes would be declared winner. This is a simple competition that requires only limited activity. It’s a great way for food-lovers to jell and rediscover lost taste for traditional food. Another way to bring the crowd together is by organising a trivia quiz. Now, this would involve slightly more procedures, but it’s worth the fun! Quiz whizzes are bound to come pouring in, and take pleasure in the friendly rivalry.

Other talent based games could involve photography- it is one of the trends among today’s youth. The only thing required for victory would be a picturesque shot. Again, the decision is left to the ‘visitors’. The more the number of likes, the merrier. Another gripping venture could be advertising a new service or product of the company by the participants in their own, unique way. It would involve writing captions for the product and explaining them in a few words about their preference for the use of the commodity. An interesting concept, left for the judges to decide. After all, none but the seller knows best his product’s worth!

Lastly, go live on Facebook! Instead of writing a review on the page of the website, create short videos explaining what problems does the business address. Take care to be precise, and keep your answer sweet and simple. The ones with the most likes are generally declared winners in such contests.

Good luck! And keep bonding.