Online Reviews- Why It Matters

It is man’s inherent quality to judge. Finally, a productive way to put this otherwise irksome quality to good use. Instead of spending valuable time getting zero output, a better way to manipulate this resource into obtaining favourable results – online reviews.


For those who don’t know, online reviewing is a step that helps in evaluating a certain product or service offered. A shopper can analyse a commodity bought online and later spell it out for both, the website and its ‘visitors’. All you need to do is jot down the features you liked and post it. Then again, the review need not necessarily be good. There are cases of bad reviews as well. In case of any criticism, the website will take it positively and correct the mistakes pointed out by the client. The process can be really helpful to sites for further developing their products and services.


Why should a customer take the pains to write a review? Isn’t buying the product enough? The answer is no. Let’s further explore this statement with an example. Say, a person is looking online for running shoes. The only thing that catches his eye, apart from the shoes itself, is the review of people who have bought the same before. Positive reviews lead to a growth in traffic, whereas negative ones divert prospective customers as well. This holds true for all fields- online shopping, bookings, restaurants. The reviews also bump up the business for the website. The more, the merrier. Needless to say, an angry customer is bad for business. Hell hath no fury like a customer scorned!


Why shouldn’t you?! Writing a review is similar to voicing your opinion, and you have every right to do it. You like it, let them know. You don’t, let them know just the same. Your review will either seek corrective measures from the seller or notify other potential clients of the unsatisfactory service. Awareness is the key. Another convenience rendered by this system is that it works similar to the algorithm of Google Pigeon. While the Google filter uses distance as a factor to rank its listings, good opinion will help pull up local services to a better spot, again, enhancing business.


You bet! The websites protect the privacy and personal details of their customers, hence, it is extremely safe. Many sites have a separate link that allows the buyer to leave an ‘e-pinion’. The procedure is easy, hassle-free and increasingly getting implemented. There are various websites where anonymity is forsaken for recognition; users and buyers candidly share their views and experiences.

Forums like Yelp and Craigslist are helpful when it comes to rating services provided. has become the leading network in using its user reviews for products and commodities purchased online.